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We are not an “advertising agency”: “Workshops” never try to sell objects and areas, but work hard to eliminate any problem in marketing and advertising.
Vasily Moroz' Promotional Workshops
Vasily Moroz
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Vasily Moroz
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— Why do not our ads work?
— Such state just can't occur: advertising does work anyway.

But another topic to discuss is that an almost any nonpro is mistaken to call “advertisement” a simple inscription “SALTED STALKS!” followed by a phone number both typed as catchy as possible on some space rented by “the advertiser”.

It may even be a “very good”, “crowded” space! This is not an advertisement — it's just your sign over someone else's door. Such solutions surely “bring” no more than messages like “sorry, our store just moved away” or “no more positions like this“ sticked to your real offer do.

Advertising is a form of communication with a possible payer, it's the essense of your business. Vasily Moroz' Promotional Workshops provide the Customer that very communication which presents his job to the World.

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— What's the use of “Promotional Workshops” to their customers?

— We develop effective advertising solutions for each of our clients and then put them to life without taking any prepayment. In general, RMVM provides your advertisement.

— Who are the RMVM's clients?

— These are companies and successful entrepeneurs that work in different regions of Ukraine or abroad, that have survived the stage of some romantic moire, that do count money and already know how the life works.

— How do you manage to work with no advance payment?

— In our opinion, the work of an advertising agency is not about trying to sell goods and services to a client pulling the wool over his eyes. We just work perfectly on creating the advertisement. And this is more reliable than a prepayment.

— What particular kinds of service do you offer?

— We've got no public offer: promoting different clients according to a single scheme and keeping efficiency is quite impossible. The subject proposal will be formed out and offered directly to you.

— How much does the collaboration with RMVM usually cost?

— Needless to mention, advertising is more expensive than purchasing promotional products and advertising spaces endlessly. But advertising does work.

— On what basis do RMVM provide service to the clients?

— Order in papers means order in business. We work solely on the basis of the Contract concluded and Agreements to it signed.